Gambol Life

Gambol Life is a fun and easy way to plan in-person activities with people who share your interests.

  1. Register to create your Gambol Life profile -- it takes about 30 seconds
    • Provide your date of birth. Your birthday will remain strictly private, but is necessary to determine your invite matches when they are based on age. (You must be at least 18 years old to register.)

    • Create your username and password.

    • Provide your preferred contact method so we can notify you when your friends invite you to activities.

    It's fast, it's fun and it's free!

    Register Here

    Or download the app.

  2. Send an Invitation

    Use our filters to help you build the right group for you and your activity.

    You decide:

    Event Details

    When: this Sunday, noon-4pm

    What: bicycling

    Where: Central Park

    Add filters to find friends

    How Many: min 1 – max 3

    Relationship: friends, Friends of Friends, New Friends

    Affiliations: women who went to my college, #emptynester

    Location: women who live in my zip code

    Age Preference: 55-60

    Gender: women only

  3. Review and Invite

    Gambol Life presents a list of people who fit your filters.

    • Review your list of matches – people interested and available based on their profile and your filters

    • Decide who to invite and send the invites by text or email.

    • Your guests have a discussion.

    • Get out and have fun!

Sure, just change your screening criteria (using our filters) to alter your search. Remember: you still get to see your matches and their profiles before you invite them.

PRO-TIP: Start with broad filters. You can always get more specific if you get too many matches.

If your profile matches a Gamboler’s™ search criteria, you are automatically in their results and they have the option of sending you an invite.

PRO-TIP: Be open to lots of events and invitations. You don't have to accept every invite !

  • Filters

    We’ve found that other apps lack the ability to customize searches to find the right people that you want to do something with. Just tell us what you want to do and who you want to do it with and we will find them. Then YOU decide who to invite.

  • Searches

    We don’t just create static groups; we help users customize groups for each event. People want to do different activities with different people. So our app uses filters to find users who are interested and available for a specific activity (date, time, location, and how well you know them). You’ll automatically be matched to activities based on your interests, profile and availability.

  • Security

    GambolLife™ is safe and private. We only use what we need to connect you – your interests, gender, age, and location. We mitigate personal and social risk because you review matches before sending or accepting invitations.

  • Efficiency

    We’ve created a platform that finds your group in seconds without the hassle of calling, texting, or emailing.

  • Flexibility

    Change your filters as you, your life, or your interests change. You’ll see updated results instantly.

  • gam•bol ('gam-bel)

    Verb. To run or jump about playfully.

    Noun. An event worth adding to your social calendar!

  • Gambolers™

    Our users. You, your friends, their friends, new friends, us, our friends, and beyond.

  • Location

    Location is based on the zip code on your profile.

    Enter your home zip and you’ll get local updates.

    Enter a zip for a travel destination and find fellow Gambolers™ there

  • Relationship

    How you’re connected to other Gambolers™.

    Friends – you know them.

    Friends-of-Friends = you kind of know them or at least your friends do!

    Gambolers = everyone in the network, whether you know them or not.

  • Search

    A search of the entire Gambol Life™ network to find matches based on your specific filters for an activity or event.

  • Invites

    The actual invitations you send (or receive). These are selected from a list of individual query matches.

  • Timeline

    A posting of all events you have attended. You can add photos, comments and videos